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Ohio Programs And Ways to Get Help With Heating Bills

The Home Energy Assistance Program in Ohio (HEAP) is a federally funded assistance program that is administered by the Ohio Department of Development - Office of Community Service (OCS) branch. This help program is designed to aid qualified Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating, especially during the winter time. If you are eligible for heating bill assistance, the amount of your one-time HEAP benefit will be dependent on the annual federal funding levels, your total household income, how many other people live with you, and also the main fuel source that you use to heat your home. In most cases, the one-time benefit paid to you for help with your heating bill will be a credit applied to your energy bill by your fuel vendor or utility company.

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Ohio Winter Reconnect Program
This will allow households that have had their utility or heating service disconnected, or those threatened with disconnection due to nonpayment of a utility or heating bill, to have their heating service restored during the cold winter months just by paying either the total amount they owe or $175 (whichever is less). The customer also needs to pay a reconnection fee of at most $20. So for paying at most $195 towards your heating bill, you can be assured of having service for the winter. There are no income caps or eligibility requirement for this winter assistance reconnect program. Also, if you are an income-eligible household, you can use Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (E-HEAP) funds towards the $175 payment. More.

Operation RoundUp
This is an assistance program that is offered by most utility companies. Customer donations will help families and  individuals with paying bills, including utility, heating, and other types of expenses, such as medical bills.

Ohio Energy Credit (OEC) Program
Utility customers who are 65 years or older, or who are permanently disabled will get an increased Energy Bill Assistance benefit beyond what they would receive under the HEAP program.




Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP): This is an energy-efficiency program that helps lower heating bills. Some of the free services provided include heating system repairs or replacements and insulation.

PIPP, or Percentage of Income Payment Plan: Assistance is provided in the form of an extended payment plan that allows customers to pay a portion of their household income every month to keep their service. The customer does remain responsible for the unpaid balance. Any customers who use natural gas must pay 10 percent of their total monthly income to the gas company and they need to pay 5 percent to the electric company. Any customers with all electric homes must pay 15 percent of their income.

Emergency Assistance Programs

Duke Energy, Columbia Gas - Heat Share
Created to help those who are in need of help for paying their heating bills during the cold winter season. Eligibility is based upon individual or family need and to be qualified, you do not necessarily need to meet government assistance guidelines. A family or individual must also be subject to disconnection of their heating service in order to qualify for aid.





Duke Energy
Lower income customers can receive a heat pump or furnace clean and tune, energy-efficient light bulbs, free energy-saving tips and if needed, they can also receive weather stripping, a hot water heater wrap, and also pipe wrap. Depending on the condition of your house as well as your energy usage, other services provided may include duct sealing, attic and wall insulation and other air leakage sealing measures.

Duke Energy - Accountability & Credibility Together (ACT)
The ACT program has funds and grants available to help Duke Energy customers needing help paying December, January, and February natural gas and heating bills.

Duke Energy Ohio - A new pilot program was created
The goal of the new program is to assist lower income Ohio residents with saving money on the cost of their natural gas service. Customers who are not enrolled in the PIPP and who use less than 900 ccf of natural gas per year are eligible for help from the program.

Columbia Gas - Warm Choice
Weatherization measures provided to help Ohio residents include insulation, air sealing and also high-efficiency furnaces or repairs.

Columbia Gas - Heatshare
Helps struggling families and lower income customers who have nowhere else to turn with heating bills and energy assistance.

Columbia Gas - In addition to the plans above, find additional heating bill assistance plans from Columbia Gas.

Toledo Edison - Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Provides a one time per year financial assistance to the unemployed, disabled, or low-income customers who might lose their heating or electric service because of overdue bills.

Ohio Edison - Project Reach
Provides once-payment maximum per year financial assistance to unemployed, disabled, or lower income customers who might lose their heating or electric service because of overdue energy bills.

American Electric Power - Crisis Response Fund, Scioto County
Electric as well as heating bill assistance, and weatherization services, for AEP customers in Scioto County.

American Electric Power Ohio - Neighbor to Neighbor utility assistance program
If someone has their heating or utility service disconnected, this program will provide people with the means to have the services turned back on. Click here to learn more.

Dominion East Ohio
Housewarming Program
The name of their weatherization program.

Dominion East Ohio
Helps the needy individuals and needs families with paying any type of winter heating bill, including wood, natural gas, oil, kerosene or electricity.


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